Reading List

I firmly believe the way to a better life is through consistent learning—making small changes, getting feedback and making what works a permanent feature of who you are. But it's hard. Especially at the office. These topics are my focus for my own improvement in recent past.

These are the latest books on my Kindle.


Who should read this

Persons wanting a deeper dive into the importance of solving work-related problems.

Rather than a bunch of anecdotes, Great At Work has real evidence from a study of 5,000 people to back up what top performers do at work.

One of the best books I've read this year for practical ways to excel at the office.


Who should read this

The most useful part of this book is its exploration of how to set goals in the workplace. 


Who should read this

A lot has been said about Ray Dalio's book. It's biggest lessons are in how disciple is a key pillar for workplace success and how to give and receive candid feedback on your workplace performance.