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What's your word for 2019?

I was in my the first yoga class of the year earlier today. At the beginning of class the teacher asked everyone in the room to think up a word to describe 2019.

My mind raced through the possibilities and I landed on two words—incredible and smiling.

Then next task was to put “I am” in front of whatever word you chose and repeat it back as a mantra. Because I picked two words, I had two mantras..

“I am incredible, I am incredible”

“I am smiling, I am smiling”

After class I was thinking about two things—why I chose two words, and why I chose those two words.

I chose incredible because I want this year to genuinely be that, but also because I want to believe more that I am incredible. Not in a grandiose or arrogant way, but directed more towards undoing my tendency towards doubting myself.

These tiny seeds of self-doubt manifests themselves in small ways. For example, I sometimes think too hard in a meeting about what I want to say, and end up saying not much at all. In other words, I over-censor myself and I don’t take enough risks. Half-baked ideas have value too. You just need the courage to get them out there.

I chose smiling because, well, I can get so enticed by what’s in my head that I forget to sometimes. Smiling creates an instant mood uplift. It forces you to step back, to step away, and to gather up the bigger picture for a moment. It’s a useful brain reset for better mood and clarity.

So here’s to more smiling and more incredible in 2019. It’s going to be a fantastic one.

Happy new year!

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