Marie Kondo's magic lies beyond sparks of joy

In the office the other day I overheard a couple of my co-workers asking each other, “Did it spark joy for you?”

They weren’t talking about the latest marketing campaign they’ve been working on. They were referring to the work of Marie Kondo and her cult-like status as the world’s most well-known tidying up expert.

Marie’s first best-seller book has been around for years. Her audience has exploded even further thanks to the release of her new tv series on Netflix earlier this month.

I read Marie’s first book years ago. Seeing her in action on the tv allowed me to appreciate her work on a whole other level. I’ve come to realize there’s more to Marie’s world than tidying up and finding which possessions are the most meaningful to you.

What I noticed when watching Marie on tv is how tactile she is with items. She really holds things—she looks at them from all angles, inspects them, turns them over in her hands. Watching her do a mundane task like fold laundry is a lesson on how to make a routine more mindful.

Marie’s not rushing to get through folding laundry as quickly as possible. Instead she takes time and care. She’s fully engaged and present—even in a boring task of laundry folding. It might take her longer to get through it but those extra minutes are worth it. There’s benefit in taking time to connect with the small things around you that help get you through life.

Sarah JukesComment