Being disciplined is more than productivity hacks

This recent article from First Round Capital’s blog described what sets startup founder Mathilde Collin apart, and it’s not what you might think. It’s not her ability to fund raise, set a strategic vision, or execute. Rather it’s her methodical approach to discipline.

Very few people are intentionally using intense discipline tactics to move the needle on their workplace goals. A controlled, methodical and consistent approach to work can set you apart from others who merely work hard. On discipline, Mathilde says…

“Discipline is focusing on just a handful of things, which is incredibly challenging because you’ve got so much to do and you’re pulled in so many directions — everything seems important. But discipline comes down to focusing on the right thing, which means you need to be crystal clear on what success looks like and how to measure it.” 

Mathilde’s obsession with workplace discipline plays out in a few key areas. Instead of pouring a ton of energy into setting a lofty vision for Front, Mathilde’s approach to building Front is more action-oriented and less navel-gazing. Another key feature of her approach is evident in the above quote—she tracks and measures everything.

Being disciplined isn’t about having more productivity hacks than the next person. It’s not about doing more and out-working everyone else. Discipline is a mindset, not a set of tools. Disciplined people are high on self-drive and motivation—it acts as a quiet propeller lurking under the surface. It drives everything they do. Disciplined people are all of these things:

  • Consistent

  • Reliable

  • Focused only on a few key areas

  • Relentless in pursuing only measurable goals important to them.

Sarah JukesComment