Big successful companies don't have it all figured out

It’s easy to assume the companies we know and hear about everyday are grounded in solid workflows, optimized processes and robust decision trees. They’re well-known and successful for many reasons—one of them being they’ve refined how they internally operate.

When you speak to people who work at these companies, it’s apparent the Google’s and the Amazon’s of this world struggle with fundamental operational issues just like everyone else. As great as they are, they don’t have it all figured out.

No company is perfect, but often the best companies struggle with the same internal issues as everyone else. They might lack a proper decision-making framework, their procurement system is broken, or they can’t decide how best to handle career and promotion decisions.

This is humbling to know. Big and successful doesn’t mean perfect internal processes. Keep this in mind next time you’re struggling to reconcile a difficult internal issue in your role—it’s likely even the most successful companies haven’t figured it out either.