What I've been reading

I’ve been a big fan of the posts Jason Fried has put up on Medium over the years.

He’s the CEO at the project management software company Basecamp. Jason has consolidated much of what he’s written over the years on the culture and work practices at Basecamp and packaged it into his latest co-authored book.

Jason never been afraid to tell it like it is. He rejects common workplace practices—hustle, be busy, change the world, work insane hours, be quick to hit reply, set goals, have too much to do.

Most of us experience our daylight hours being packed with back to back meetings. Our mornings and evenings are the only time left for actually getting work done, reading, writing, planning and reflecting.

What’s the alternative? Jason says it’s less, not more:

The answer isn’t more hours, it’s less bullshit. Less waste, not more production.

The book offers up suggestions on how dial down the bullshit and do more work. Nothing here is ground-breaking or new, but Jason is especially convincing on why this stuff is important.

Here’s a summary of his best suggestions:

  • We should be slower to respond to emails and pings—set expectations that most everything can wait, and it should.

  • Get comfortable with churning out work that’s good enough knowing your being your best by allowing yourself to excel when you need to.

  • Be ruthless in protecting your time and attention during those precious daylight hours.

  • Get out and live your life. You’ll be better off for it. We need to avoid the habitual trap of defaulting to always working long and late.

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