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Sarah Jukes is a digital marketer and writer. Currently innovating in an email marketing channel at American Express. Previously in neuroscience, medical research and management consulting. Living in New York City.


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I started my career in neuroscience. I grew up in Melbourne, Australia and trained straight out of high school as a speech-language pathologist with a major in neuroscience. I interned at a large hospital and went on to work clinically with stroke, neurosurgical and head/neck cancer patients.



In medical science.

My area of clinical expertise was dysphagia, or disordered swallowing. The ability to eat and drink is something we take for granted—until you can't do it properly and it becomes a big problem.

I worked at bedside for almost 10 years. Towards the end of my clinical career I combined research and project work, most notably with a national research project resulting in this publication.

Business school

In Australia.

As much as I enjoyed clinical work, deep down I knew it wasn't going to sustain me professionally over the longer term. I weighed up my options and eventually decided to enter business school. I went into business school not really knowing what I wanted out of it. I made vague plans to study a range of subjects, especially those with a psychology undertone, in keeping with my clinical background.


And New York City

After graduating I moved into management consulting at a boutique healthcare consultancy firm. Still not convinced I'd found what I wanted, I took time away from work to study classical ballet at the Alvin Ailey School in New York City.

I found work in New York City helping startups market their services healthcare professionals. Startups exposed me to the fundamentals of software development and agile working. In recent years I've focused on the technical side of integrating large-scale marketing and personalization for large finance companies.