Sarah Jukes

Hi there! I'm a digital marketer. I work in finance. I like learning and learning how to better navigate corporate life.


I'm Sarah.

I'm a digital marketer working for a large finance company in New York City.

I read widely about how to do great at work. I share books and writings about digital marketing, how to cultivate a growth mindset and general ideas on how to excel at corporate life.

Want to know more about my background? Here's me in 10 seconds.

What I do.

Email marketing

I work for a large finance company in New York on a large email channel.

My role is focused on:

  • Content strategy—using data as content and optimizing content for maximal performance 
  • Moving from personalized to individualized experiences inside an email
  • Using Agile principles to streamline marketing execution in a heavily regulated environment.


I've been a writer for years and in various forms. My focus is on sharing nuggets of information I read or get from others to help other professionals navigate marketing and corporate life.


I like to learn, and I also like to share what I learn so others can benefit. I do that in a couple of ways—through my writing and through public speaking. I'll be presenting more frequently and increasingly in more public forums. Stay tuned!