Sarah Jukes

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Hi! I’m Sarah.

I'm a writer and digital marketer working for a large financial services company in New York City.

I use this website as a central place for people to find me, and to store links and information relevant to my work.

Want to know more about my background? Here's me in 10 seconds.

What I do

  1. Digital marketing

    I’m a digital marketer working on a small but impactful team charged with scaling agile marketing within a large financial services company.

  2. Write

    My writing focuses on sharing nuggets of information I read or things I come across in daily life, my own experiences, or advice I get from others. I focus on marketing, careers, books and intellectual life.

  3. Share

    I like to learn, and I also like to share what I learn so others can benefit. I do that in a couple of ways—through my writing and presentations at Meetups and other public forums.